Primus Professional Services

Primus Green Energy offers its exclusive process development capabilities and facilities to companies on a select basis.  Our R&D facilities can accommodate every step of the process including:

  • Bench scale- Methane Reforming Proof of Concept, Catalyst Selection, Condition Optimization, 10-100 grams of catalyst.
  • Pilot scale – Multiple Reactors, Process Optimization, Yield Analysis, Catalyst Life, 10-100 kgs, of catalyst
  • Commercial demonstration plant- Multiple Reactors, Economics, Commercial Yields, Catalyst Life, Process Controls and Operations. 100-1000 kgs of catalysts.

Please contact us at for more information. 908-281-6000 ext 136.

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Primus has extensive experience in catalytic conversion of syngas to hydrocarbon products. Please contact us for more details at

Primus Green Energy has proven capabilities in designing and fabricating in-house equipment and systems used for the R&D and commercial demonstration of its gas-to-liquid processes.

Engineering, Documentation, and Fabrication

  • ASME Code fabrication drawings, calculations, and Authorized Inspector (AI) approvals
  • National Board registration
  • Fabrication of reactors, vessels, heat exchangers, and complete modular skids
  • All documentation provided for customer approval before fabrication
  • Vessel Size Limitations and Design Features
  • Diameters from 1 inch to 12 inches to any length
  • Fully custom and exotic designs, as required
  • ASME B&PVC, Section VIII, “U” Stamped
  • Catalyst Fill and Clean-out ports, as required
  • Temperatures and pressure ratings, including full vacuum, as required
  • Full instrumentation for research providing internal and external sensing and samplingModular Process Skid Limitations and Design Features
  • Up to standard shipping container sizes
  • Fully piped, instrumented, wired, painted, and insulated, as required
  • Customer connections conveniently located at skid perimeters
  • Material of Construction
  • Carbon and Stainless Steels
  • Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium and others, as requiredTesting and Validation
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Operational testing of modular process skids
  • Certification run of customer process, as required

Catalyst analysis:

  • Altamira Instrument TPSR (temperature programmed surface reactor) analyzer accompanied with Thermo-Star mass 200 spectrometer for temperature programmed adsorption, desorption, reaction (TPA, TPD and TPR) and surface area (BET) measurements
  • Altamira micro-reactor for catalyst performance evaluation
  • Parr CSTR microreactor
  • Nicolet IS50 diffuse reflectance FTIR (DRIFTS) for catalyst surface speciation analysis
  • Thermal analysis TGA and DSC for catalyst coking analysis
  • Synfuel analysis:
  • D-86 for distillation behavior
  • PONA composition analysis (D6730) for paraffinic, olefinic, naphthenic and aromatic species
  • RVP Reid vapor pressure (D5191)
  • D1363 permanganate induction time measurement at 15°C
  • D1613 acidity testGeneral analysis:
  • Several GC’s (Agilent 7890)
  • General wet analysis