Syngas-to-Gasoline STG®

The STG+® Syngas-to-Gasoline system accepts syngas from a variety of applications and converts it into RBOB or high octane gasoline. The GTL units are modular, with standard fixed-bed reactor technology for faster deployment, smaller capex and low operating costs.

How it works

system takes place in a continuous gas-phase closed loop, with no intermediate condensation steps.
The Primus Syngas-to-Methanol STG+® process is comprised of two steps:

  • Syngas-to-Gasoline Natural gas or other hydrocarbon gas reacts with steam at a high temperature and pressure to produce syngas (H2,CO and CO2 ).
  • Liquid/Gas Separation A series of catalytic fixed-bed reactors convert the syngas into gasoline and water via methanol and dimethyl ether intermediates.

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Feed Gas Type Liquid Product Feed Gas Flow MMSCF/D Feed Gas Flow NM^3/D Production Capacity
Natural Gas Gasoline 4-5 110,000-130,000 500 bpd
Natural Gas Gasoline 17-20 450,000-540,000 2000 bpd
Syngas Gasoline 17-20 450,000-540,000 500 bpd
Syngas Gasoline 68-80 1.8-2.1 million 2000 bpd
Natural Gas Methanol 4-5 110,000-130,000 160 mt/d
Natural Gas Methanol 17-20 450,000-540,000 640 mt/d